Tax Compliance

A country like Romania, having Latin origins and being under communist occupation for half a century, is the perfect place where unhealthy bureaucracy can develop. In uncertain times when it is more important than ever to keep your competitive edge and focus on your core business, outsourcing some of the burdensome administrative tasks could prove a very good option. Supported by our team of professionals, our clients can successfully overcome all bureaucratic barriers.

We can provide tax compliance services thanks to the experience which we have acquired over time, adding to which are our important client portfolio, our team of professionals and, last but not least, the readily available support offered by our experts of other departments (legal and financial advisors).

Our team of experienced professionals delivers thoroughly managed tax compliance services such as:

  • Agreed-upon compliance timetable - based on your specific business requirements;
  • Fast, reliable and accurate preparation of tax returns:
    • Returns related to profit tax and income tax;
    • Returns related to payroll taxes;
    • VAT and related returns;
    • Other tax returns and declarations (depending on your specific requirements).
  • Timely preparation of estimated tax payments.

In addition, our professionals are ready to assist you with:

  • Tax strategy;
  • Deferred tax reporting for Group purposes;
  • Assistance during tax audits performed by the Romanian authorities;
  • Various tax representation services;
  • Customized tax reviews.