Transaction Support

In the last few years, the complexity of corporate transactions has grown and, considering the frequent amendments to the tax legislation, investors have to react fast to the rapid changes in the business environment.

Our experienced team supports clients during the complex processes of business restructuring by offering them efficient solutions and assisting them in the implementation of such solutions, irrespective of the complexity of the transaction, number of parties involved and time pressure. Our professionals’ expertise covers different types of transactions performed by companies of different sizes and acting in different industries. In all business restructuring projects, we work closely with our financial and legal due diligence experts in order to provide clients with integrated advice and solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

 A major part of our business worldwide and in Romania provides sellers and buyers with transaction advisory services for the acquisition of undertakings and assets in general. Our Merger & Acquisitions services are based on our concept of multidisciplinary, integrated, advice in all our areas of practice. Thus, our tax experts, working in close cooperation with our financial and legal advisers, can help you achieve optimal solution for your business, providing you with an efficient deal structuring in all respects throughout the deal cycle. Mazars Merger and Acquisitions tax team offers the following services:

  • Group structuring and assistance in structure implementation;
  • Tax efficient acquisitions solutions and deal structuring;
  • Preparation and / or reviewing mergers and spin-off projects; 
  • Support during post-deal implementation.

Tax Due Diligence

During tax due diligence projects, our professionals analyze historical tax returns, tax information and financial statements in order to identify tax risks and opportunities associated with the contemplated transactions. We work closely with our financial and legal due diligence experts in order to provide you with integrated advice and solutions.

Our Tax Due Diligence team offers the following services:

  • Perform merger / acquisition or business reorganization tax due diligence;
  • Identify and quantify the associated tax risks;
  • Propose adjustments of the selling price based on the tax risks which have been identified and quantified.


Under the current market conditions, linked with the increased number of competitors, and owing to the frequent changes in the tax legislation and the rapid evolution of technologies, a company may face a severe cash flow problem.

Our tax experts, backed by our financial and legal advisers, can assist you in the liquidation of your company and provide you with tailored tax advice on the exit strategy.

Mazars liquidation tax team offers the following services:

  • Tax efficient solutions with respect to liquidation;
  • Tax analysis and optimisation of the exit strategy;
  • Tax and accounting support during the liquidation process.