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Changing the rules of the tech game

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24 June 2020

The launch of the study „Are you missing the Tech Train? Global investment and implementation surrounding transformative technologies” by Mazars came as an opportunity to reveal the current level of implementation of today’s most significant five technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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Mazars Study: 90% of the investors predict falling revenues

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17 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the M&A landscape with some declining statistics and tensed transactions. There has been a slowdown in the activity of numerous industries, the hardest hit being taken by hospitality & leisure and transport & logistics. On the other hand, food & beverages and pharmaceuticals registered a significant increase in sales.

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Luxury Goods: authenticity, online customer journey, social purpose and the crisis power of the Homo Economicus

11 June 2020

2019 was a year of growth for the fashion industry, most brands increasing their sales of clothing and footwear, hence, in 2020 everyone was expecting a successful development, whether we are talking about the number of stores or the launches of new designers, artisans or mass-market. Unfortunately, the entire world came to a standstill amidst COVID-19, and this industry was also shaken by challenges.

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The management of the tax liabilities

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10 June 2020

During the State of Emergency, the Romanian Government has adopted several fiscal measures to support the taxpayers who were facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic. One of these measures concerned the tax liabilities, which has as due date the period between March 21st, 2020, and June 25th, 2020, mainly that they were not considered overdue and, therefore, did not generate ancillary obligations or enforcement actions - briefly, a payment relief.

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Corporate Governance, the bridge between compliance and trust

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4 June 2020

Corporate Governance evolves as the business culture does. In this regard, Romania has witnessed significant progress in the last decade. Driven by the need to build a strong relationship with all stakeholders and attract investors, forward-thinking companies have adopted sound Corporate Governance principles.

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Companies are required to declare their real beneficiaries in 2020

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28 May 2020

Romanian entities, as well as the ones to be incorporated, have the obligation to provide relevant information regarding their ultimate beneficiary by submitting a statement to the Romanian Trade Register (ONRC).

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The survival journey of the retail industry

21 May 2020

The Retail Industry – a journey of survival with frugal innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy, supply chain differentiation, and fiscal amendments

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The forced transformation of the automotive industry

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7 May 2020

In the last four months, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought industries all around the world to a standstill, causing everyone to wonder what will happen next and how we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges.
In Romania, the first wave of industries affected by COVID-19 was linked to the ones that required human mobility, such as transportation, hospitality, or tourism. The second wave is now taking place in automotive and manufacturing, that need to reinvent themselves and try to go back to something as close to normality as they can.

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Unblocking some amounts in the context of the VAT refund may help the companies continue their activity

VAT refund press release
28 April 2020

The rapid evolution of COVID-19 pandemic generated economic consequences and the governments of all the States affected by the virus were forced to adopt various measures to support the business environment, which faced challenges almost impossible to anticipate.

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Mazars performed the Due Diligence of the CTP 30 MEUR investment in acquiring of Equest Logistic Park

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16 April 2020

The situation created by the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic will definitely have an impact on the global M&A market and, implicitly, in Romania in 2020. The local market is well-positioned for a positive evolution, considering the sustainable growth of the past periods, as well as a constantly diversifying economy.

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