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The forced transformation of the automotive industry

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7 May 2020

In the last four months, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought industries all around the world to a standstill, causing everyone to wonder what will happen next and how we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges.
In Romania, the first wave of industries affected by COVID-19 was linked to the ones that required human mobility, such as transportation, hospitality, or tourism. The second wave is now taking place in automotive and manufacturing, that need to reinvent themselves and try to go back to something as close to normality as they can.

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Unblocking some amounts in the context of the VAT refund may help the companies continue their activity

VAT refund press release
28 April 2020

The rapid evolution of COVID-19 pandemic generated economic consequences and the governments of all the States affected by the virus were forced to adopt various measures to support the business environment, which faced challenges almost impossible to anticipate.

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Mazars performed the Due Diligence of the CTP 30 MEUR investment in acquiring of Equest Logistic Park

comunicat presa CTP Mazars
16 April 2020

The situation created by the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic will definitely have an impact on the global M&A market and, implicitly, in Romania in 2020. The local market is well-positioned for a positive evolution, considering the sustainable growth of the past periods, as well as a constantly diversifying economy.

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What implications will COVID-19 bring from an IFRS perspective?

ifrs implications covid
25 March 2020

In just three months, the COVID-19 outbreak impacted the modern world in an unprecedented way. The virus is crashing our everyday lives, is limiting our basic freedoms and threatens our future. Besides the tragic outcome on health, this pandemic keeps on having a heavy impact on a wide range of industries, its ramifications will likely continue from some time, and we cannot predict for how long.

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Investing in CEE: Inbound M&A Report 2019/2020

investing in cee press release
20 March 2020

A steady momentum of inbound deals in 2019 underlines CEE’s resilient appeal to international investors despite global challenges

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Mazars publishes Tech Train study revealing global technological familiarity, investment and implementation levels

mazars innovation technologies tech train study
5 March 2020

China and India dominate across the board, France and UK lag behind
India has the greatest appetite to increase technological investment

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What will drive the Romanian real estate market in the future: sustainable living or direct foreign investments?

MAZARS press release real estate romania ella chilea edwin warmerdam
5 February 2020

The slowdown of the economy on a global level is the talk of the new decade with a lot of analysis to back it up. Slower economic growth is expected in Romania this year, that will also influence the evolution of the real estate market, according to Colliers International. With all this in mind, what are the biggest opportunities in real estate right now? How essential are the emerging trends in today’s infrastructure? And what will the evolution of the commercial real estate bring to the table?

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Mazars reports outstanding performance in 2019

mazars performance growth
27 January 2020

Mazars, the international audit and advisory firm, announces revenues of €1.8 billion in its 2018/2019 financial year (1 September 2018 - 31 August 2019), up 10.4% (excluding Forex impact of +0.2%) compared to the previous financial year. The increase in revenues was supported by a strong 9% organic growth, complemented by a positive external growth of +1.3%.

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Telcos’ net income margins decreased over the last decade. Is the business opportunity of 5G enough to boost the market?

15 January 2020

The future growth of telecommunication companies around the world will be affected by their ability to create and own seamless customer experiences, according to Mazars’ recent Future of Telcos study. But what are the forces at play in the battle to win the customer experience? How important is 5G to the future of telcos’ growth? And what can telcos count on in order to gain competitive advantage?

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Out of the 75 companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, only 4% had a compliance level of 100%, the average level 60%

Mazars Romania launched the study “Corporate Governance: building trust or compliance burden?”, where it analyses the companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), in terms of compliance with the Corporative Governance Code of BVB, implementing the principle Comply or Explain (CoE).

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