How supported did you feel since COVID-19 started?

Whether it's uncertainty about job status or uneasy feelings around ultimately returning to the physical workplace, employees are experiencing stress from all angles. Having a source of truth is really important because the anxiety is mostly formed around the unknown.

The swift onset of the world’s largest work-from-home experience has transformed our work environment in unthinkable ways almost five months ago. Beyond the technological adjustments, people struggled and continue to do so with isolation, uncertainty, and childcare responsibilities. This period has revealed how critical it is to be understanding and caring, how to think of others first, and, in a few words, how to be human.

Even with a huge volume of information distributed all over the media in the last few months, few studies were focused on the support needed by the individuals. For this reason, we want to run a diagnose and evaluate the support you have received during this pandemic.
Please fill out the survey below. We guarantee that it will take just 5 minutes.


Romania is an international working environment, therefore, we would like to mention that this survey is in English, allowing those who speak other languages to answer.

Thank you for your support!