CIO Conference 2019 - The future of Business in the AI Economy

Is Artificial Intelligence the new buzz-word in technology? Or it is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. How will society look in the next 15 years? How will the business evolve in the next 20 years? Is it true that more than 40% of the jobs will disappear? Will we assist to a battle between technology and humanity in the years to come?

We invite you, on 26th of March, at CIO Conference - event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in Business life.

Our Partner from Mazars Slovakia, Martin Vaross, will be part of the first panel "THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS IN THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ECONOMY." and will talk about Robotics Process Automation.

Companies are entering a new era ruled by data incorporating AI and machine learning in business intelligence systems. They can now use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to identify trends and insights in vast reams of data and make faster decisions that position them to be competitive in real-time. Expert systems, data analytics, robotics, machine learning algorithms, voice recognition are only a few AI appliances that streamline business processes, improve customer services and leverage sensor-driven data for marketing and advertising.

-          How AI transform the companies, the economy and the society?

-          Are the C-level prepared for the AI transformation? Is society ready?

-          What are some common benefits of artificial intelligence technology?

-          Introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve operations

-          Business Intelligence Apps Built on AI/Machine Learning

-          Case studies for the benefits of AI

-          Is AI a threat or opportunities for CIOs?


  • Lucian Butnaru, General Manager, Cegeka Romania
  • Martin Vaross, Partner, Consulting, Mazars
  • Gabriel Dumitrescu, Large Accounts Division Manager, Orange Romania 
  • Razvan Atim, Head of Sales Eastern Europe, UiPath
  • Bogdan Bandila, CIO Council Member

ModeratorMircea ModranCIO Council Member

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