Our industry expertise

At Mazars, we have developed the perfect mixture of key ingredients - knowledge, experience, trust and independence. Our professionals specialise in growing businesses by adjusting our recipe for success to the unique needs of each client, and are quick to react to the clients’ needs and take a proactive approach when the ideas or solutions are stale.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and propose innovative solutions for the challenges they face, and we pride ourselves on providing quality products and timely services while cultivating relationships.

A large number of companies trust Mazars in Romania. Among our clients:

  • Important medium-sized companies requiring consultancy on transactions;
  • Companies active in the industrial, commercial and services sectors covering various fields of activity such as:
    • Banking;
    • Insurance;
    • Real Estate;
    • Energy;
    • Automotive;
    • Luxury;
    • Media;
    • Food & Beverages;
    • Transport;
    • Retail;
    • Services;
    • IT
    • Pharma;
    • Telecommunications;
    • Agriculture;
    • Public Sector;
    • Construction.
  • National and international groups;
  • Venture capital and private equity companies.