Five reasons your business needs a tax strategy

Over the past decade, but especially in the last two years, the entire business environment was challenged with meeting the demands of many brisk legislative changes and increased audits. And, as the digital wave has become stronger, the adoption of new technologies in the tax function has also gained further momentum.

In today’s tax landscape, many companies are changing their strategies, as the tax practice needs to deliver more value to the overall business. And like in every business decision, after all the essential factors are analysed, many opportunities can arise. In this particular case, the outsourcing of certain tax activities could offer solutions, as well as numerous benefits for the company.


Save time and focus on what matters most

As the complexities of the Romanian and international rules are evolving, at this moment, organisations and individuals need clear, informed, and considered guidance. Our professionals have deep experience and knowledge in all areas of tax, providing businesses at all stages of their life cycle with specialist advice in, amongst others, international tax, VAT and indirect tax, transfer pricing, tax compliance, as well as national and domestic tax and tax dispute resolution. Thus, enabling their teams to keep their focus on core business activities.

When you work with Mazars, you can focus on your core tasks, and save time and energy, while being compliant with the local and international regulations.

Control and reduce your costs

Outsourcing to a tax specialist which is engaging in tax preparation, will ensure tax compliance, help maximise tax deductions and credits, and lower tax liability while keeping up with the constantly evolving laws. While it is crucial for your business to manage taxes effectively, having a specialised in-company team to carry out those activities will raise your overall costs.

With Mazars as your partner, you can remain competitive and agile, with the help of our tax experts, who perform a broad range of tasks throughout the entire annual business cycle. 

Work together with an international, multidisciplinary team

In our days, businesses need to always stay on top of all changes and comply with the domestic and international tax requirements.

Our tax consultants will help you address the key challenges and align your tax function with your business objectives. We work across all industries and offer you sector-specific advice on employment, corporate, personal, indirect, international, and local tax issues, crafting solutions around your needs. Another advantage for companies will be that their internal tax team will also become more prepared for further challenges, and will be able to provide novel and inspiring ways of dealing with every uncertain situation that may appear.

Benefit from our digital solutions

We embrace our independence and celebrate the individuality of our people and our clients. We have put innovation at the heart of our business lines and made it the backbone of the development of new tools, processes, and services that will further enhance the quality of the services we provide.

Our ability to combine internationally-relevant experience alongside in-depth knowledge of local tax regulations will not only assist our clients in achieving their business objectives but will also enable them to carry out their activities in the most tax-efficient way.

As part of their digital transformation strategy, the Romanian tax authorities have started to implement a series of systems and reporting requirements that have raised various questions and challenges within the business environment. At Mazars, we have developed tax-efficient tools to help you improve your performance and successfully submit your statements, with the help of cutting-edge technology. That is why we created Signals, our digital platform, which represents a central place where our clients can get in touch and work with their Mazars team in a simple, safe, and personal way.

Signals enables you to work efficiently in an application that meets the highest quality standards. You can share documents online, approve your tax returns and access your financial applications directly. Signals provides a 24/7 connection to all information, documents, and applications with just one login. Everywhere and on every device.

Manage your risks and be compliant

Tax represents one of the factors that have the biggest impact on the organisation’s ability to meet its compliance requirements. We aim to mitigate your risk and avoid unnecessary tax costs while ensuring you comply with tax rules and regulations and continue to meet your business objectives.

Our dedicated local tax teams in major jurisdictions have detailed procedural and administrative knowledge that can make an important difference, with the ability to draw on global expertise in areas such as corporate taxes, transfer pricing, VAT & customs duties, global mobility, and employment taxes.

Mazars’ compliance services are complemented by our two global platforms: Signals, which we have mentioned above, and inControl, a platform designed to help global organisations monitor and enhance their compliance processes. Accessible via the web, it provides transparency of the entire compliance process and the ability to assess the performance of internal and external teams against defined KPIs.

A single point of contact ensures that advice is coordinated even on the most complex transactions. Mazars’ approach is always to configure the right solution for the specific needs and strategies of a business. And with the help of our experts, who bring local knowledge, expertise, and support every step of the way, we are certain that we are the best choice for you, your business, and your people.

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