Is the personal development the employer's responsibility?

The disruption generated by this crisis is bringing a lot of opportunities to many businesses and their employees. Working from home was already a practice in some companies, but doing it with kids wasn’t actually the alternative we thought about. Most of the parents are hoping not to encounter this situation again, as it is difficult to share the right energy between their job and their kids.

With these obvious difficulties, this period revealed the good parts of being a working parent, but also the bad ones that come with it. I am sure that all the parents discovered that they need some personal development to reach the work-life balance. Because right now it is clear that productivity comes with a clear plan, an even more organized agenda, and also a balanced split between meetings and individual work and so many other things.

But is the personal development the responsibility of the employer? I believe so, because:

  • With less stress at home, the employee will reach the maximum productivity;
  • By reaching it, the overtime will be reduced;
  • Investing in personal development will then increase the engagement level and further the RETENTION.

Below, we propose some personal development workshops that can be provided by the employer:

  1. How to work from home;
  2. How to manage parenting while working from home;
  3. How to effectively manage my time while working in the home-office;
  4. How to manage the impostor syndrome.

The set-up of these workshops varies from an organization to another, depending on different factors: dimension, working hours, parents‘ shares of responsibilities, and many others.

Helping employees to manage their personal challenge is actually helping the company to get the most from them.

Would your employer implement such actions if you propose it?