The education that matters for the employees

Any crisis brings a lot of opportunities for a better life for employers and employees.

In the last decades, many employers understood that investing in their employees actually means that they are also investing in their long-term partnership that brings more efficiency and less financial loss.

But what do we mean by investment?

  • Is it more than an annual salary and some benefits practiced on the market?
  • Is it the right training and education?
  • Is it a meaningful conversation with their employees?
  • Or is it even the idea of bringing popular role models in their culture to inspire the right action or mindset?

One major failure of the current society is consumerist behavior: with the earned money in a month, you buy anything in the first week after the salary payment. This is the main reason for many employees to be worried about their near future or uncertainty generated by this COVID-19 crisis. They have no personal/ family emergency fund and they don’t know how to do it from now on, even though there are a lot of books and online resources available.

Should employers consider this an action point? Some reasons why to do so:

  1. Less anxious employees will increase productivity;
  2. More developed employees will increase the innovation potential of the company;
  3. More financial control in their employees' lives will decrease the attrition level due to the decreased job hunting behavior.

But how can the employer generate such behavior development? It’s very simple! Contract a local financial advisor and:

  • Organize one monthly meeting to teach them about how to manage their income;
  • Sponsor individual coaching with some of the employees to generate awareness. 

Trust us that this is the best investment you can do for your team.

We will come with other development suggestions that can increase the employees' engagement in your company.

Stay tuned for our next ideas!