Which one of your employees is vital for the company?

Nowadays, uncertainty is the main describer of our lives, from transforming the way we do business to identifying new opportunities and launching a completely new line of service (e.g. food delivery or fresh product delivery).
The world is not freezing in this crisis. It will take a while for some to find their new way and others are not so much affected, for instance, the software development industry.

Now, more than ever, the transactions are moved online and the companies regret they didn’t automate the processes that could have been controlled from home by their professionals. Some are already struggling to pay the salaries, but others hope that the employment market would be more stabilized in the favor of the employer, since in the last decade they fought so much to attract the right people in their teams.

The reality was proved in any crisis: the critical people and the talents left the companies exactly during this period! They were hunted by other companies or they chose to become entrepreneurs.

  • Do you know who are your critical employees?
  • Do you know who are your talents?
  • Do you know how they think and feel these days?
  • Do you know if they will stay within your business during and after this crisis?
  • Do you know what will your critical employees and talents do to remain engaged in your business?

For these reasons, we support our clients to implement fast track strategies identifying the critical employees, who will actually run the business during COVID-19 crisis.

Everybody develops friendships in the work field and this is making our lives more joyful, but you need to select only the employees that will help the business going further and then to have something prepared to attract back the ones you had to release. Once a company starts to run this exercise and prepares for different scenarios, the greater its chances of longer-term business continuity.

It is not a pleasant exercise, but the difficulties don’t stop with this one. After you have the list with all the critical names on it, you need to engage them in staying within the company. There are a lot of strategies that can be implemented to achieve the retention goal, but the one that will bring the expected results is the one created based on your critical employees' needs. Otherwise, you may risk putting effort and time into something that will put at risk the retention goal.

Be sure you do the right moves, when you need to deal with all the fiscal changes and financial challenges. It’s not worth losing the employees that can help you transform the business into the best version of it.

Choose wisely!