Inspiring success stories – Interview with Ella Chilea, Magazine

Our colleague, Ella Chilea, Partner, Audit & Assurance Services together with Aneta Jurkiewicz from Mazars Poland and Zuzana Motyčáková from Mazars Slovakia talked about their habits, priorities and values in an interview for the Magazine. Below, you can find Ella’s interview.

What are the personal habits that drive your success / drive you at work/ in the morning?

I usually have a pre-planned agenda, but it can easily change, based on the day-to-day priorities. I believe that in my profession, the speed of reaction is fundamental, powered by the ability to switch very fast from one way of action to a totally different direction, but always having in mind the final goal, even if you need to make difficult choices along the road.

What are the key messages/rules/behaviors that you try to cultivate in your team?

We live in a world full of different generations, so it is wildly important to understand the in-depth motivation of each team member. I truly believe that if we pay attention to specific interests or desires, we will be able to replicate positive prior experiences and results easier and faster. I also cultivate the idea of trying new experiences and getting people out of their comfort zone to become a better version of themselves.

I have built the entire interaction with my team based on trust, responsibility, continuous learning, and two-way communication.

How has the COVID-19 situation impacted your management style? Have you changed as a manager? What are your tips? What have you learned?

The COVID-19 situation impacted a lot the way we do business, mostly because everything moved “online”. I would say that resilience was one of my keywords for the current context when we had to lead teams while adopting the work-from-home style, but also when we had to deal with clients not so technologically advanced. Then, consistency in communication also played an important role, especially when we tried to compensate for physical interaction.

Last, but not least, I would like to mention honesty and empathy, that allowed us to continue the agile way of doing business and to be close to our colleagues and partners, even if we have met exclusively online.

You can read the full interview here in Ua published by WO.MO Magazine.