Celebrating the experiences and voices of young people. Meet Adina, our lovely Mazarian

International Youth Day is celebrated every year on August 12th and gives us all an opportunity to celebrate and mainstream young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives. Today, we would like you to meet our colleague, Adina Maholea, HR & Payroll Consultant.

What made you want to pursue a career in finance? 

The first time I interacted with this domain was in the training/ internship offered by Mazars’ HR  Academy. As a result of the activities I had to carry out during those days, I realized that this is an industry that attracts me and that I have the right skills for it. The real help came from an HR expert who considered that my profile fits in the payroll department, which is why I gave an interview.

I am working in the department for a year now and I discovered that I really like this profession because it implies continuous learning and development. You always need to handle unexpected situations with different backgrounds, you have to be documented all the time, and you need to know very well the Labor Legislation. It is a dynamic field that does not allow me to get bored, to enter the comfort zone. I like to challenge myself, to learn new things every day and this domain offers me these opportunities.

What’s the single most important quality the right person for payroll needs?

Being a payroll consultant requires a lot of professionalism. In addition, you need to have patience, fairness, receptivity, promptness, and qualities that involve considerable energy consumption. At the same time, a person who does payroll must be organized, to know how to manage their time so that they can carry out all their tasks to the end. You have to be able to work under pressure, because during the payroll period there are a lot of requests and you have to be careful, and at the same time you need to be efficient.

Did you have a role model that influenced your decision to work in finance?

Of course. As role models, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson have inspired me the most during this journey. I learned that at any moment, the decisions that I make can change the course of my life forever.

If you were a movie character, who would you be and why?

I love the movie „Wonder Woman” and Gal Gadot is the character that inspires me the most due to her ambition to achieve her goals, her perseverance, and her strength. The power and tough mentality she has while making smart decisions is something that motivates me.

What is your typical day like?

My routine is very common nowadays, as I am working remotely during this period. Now I enjoy to work-out at home, to read different books and watch movies and documentaries. It is very challenging because I like to get involved in different workshops and trainings, I enjoy spending time with my friends and do different activities that are most likely sports-related.

Can you recommend us a book and a favorite holiday destination?

For a book, I would recommend „Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. I think that in life we often hit different barriers and encounter different obstacles, but it is important to always keep fighting so that we get to where we set ourselves. Also, there is no such thing as losing as long as you have the right mindset to learn from your mistakes. I believe that any failure helps us to evolve, to become stronger.

When you think that you have not gained anything from an experience, you have definitely learned some things that will help you in your next adventure. The secret is to be perseverant and never give up on your dreams because anything is possible.

For the holidays, I always recommend Greece or Malta, one of my soul destination, because I really love the sea and the sun. Hopefully, next summer will be different and we will enjoy again our trips to the sea.