Millennials vs. their managers - is there any way to make them be friends?

Do you know how your millennials and their managers think about working? Would you be interested to understand better the differences and the common experiences?
We did our own internal study because we have already 70% of our colleagues belonging to Millennials generation.

Nowadays, we are reading more and more about the profiles of #Millennials based on different studies. I am wondering who reads these studies. Is it only HR people?! Or some directors that have the time to read and to talk later around the board table? Or some influencers? But what about the managers that are working daily with these Millennials?

We wanted to find out what both sides are thinking, and we asked them the same questions. It was a bit funny because they were initially surprised by the initiative, thinking there was a complain that needed to be solved. But the surprise was on our side in the end because there are a lot of similarities in their answers.

millenials managers mazars romania

Did you ever wonder why is “the people turnover” so high these days? It is not because there are three #generations working together in the same place at the same time. This is just the context. We need to understand our internal context (local and global), applied to our industry, in order to propose solution that answer to our needs. Otherwise we risk to implement at high cost the most trendy solutions to a team that doesn’t need it.

Would you like to ensure that you #retain the right people in the #team in order to deliver the promises to your clients? We can help you putting in place the right #talent management strategy that delivers for your business strategy.

Mazars truly believes that people create the business model, not the other way around. That is one of the reasons we’ve just launched the HR Advisory Business Line to support our clients deliver both people and business strategy and to help them perceive the challenges as parts of this amazing journey.