My greatest passion? Challenging myself in a fast-forward world

8 October 2021

„Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”, says our colleague, Marius Pirpiliu, who recently participated at the Iezer Păpușa Marathon. Like you have probably seen in our past articles or social media posts, our colleagues at Mazars are very passionate about running. Whether we are talking about races, charity runs, wanting to beat personal bests, exploring nature or witnessing the most breathtaking scenery, their reasons to take on a challenge (and succeed) vary.

We talked to Marius, who is a Manager within the Audit & Assurance department, and asked him what running means to him. What advice does he have for beginners, what made him participate in this mountain race, and what awaits him next.

  • Marius, what made you participate at the Iezer Papușa Marathon?

I started participating in road running competitions in 2017, but I have never experienced such a long-distance trail race like this one. One of my friends, who is also my colleague, told me on a lunch break that he is going to participate in a trail running competition, with two weeks before the event. So, naturally, I said „ok, I am coming with you, what do I need?”.

  • What tips do you have for newcomers to successfully master even small distances?

I just want to tell them to do what makes them happy and not overthink every step. The truth is that there is no magic formula for success, you just have to believe in yourself, have that ounce of courage, and be ready to embrace the suck. No matter how you define success, the path to achieving it will require determination and resilience in the toughest moments. I actually managed to finish this race among the first half of the participants, without any significant training. So, yes; anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

  • What is so special about a competition like a half marathon or a marathon?

Running a marathon or half marathon seems like a huge undertaking and requires commitment and perseverance. Therefore, every time you get outside of your comfort zone and accomplish something new, you grow stronger and become more confident.

  • What’s next on your bucket list?

I am planning to climb to the Everest Base Camp next year. I am yearning for that incredible feeling of accomplishment, and I am ready to walk on clouds and cross many bridges. So, who wants to join me?

  • Marius, on last question. For you, running is like… ?

Running is an activity that helps me reduce stress and makes me feel free. I am very passionate about everything that is related to mountains and nature, and to explore new paths, so mountain trails are my favourite outdoor activity at the moment.

Thank you, Marius, for sharing your passion with us.

We have talked a lot about running and marathons, but have you ever wondered where the „marathon” came from? Many runners are familiar with the story surrounding the origins of the modern marathon, and we wanted to understand the history a little more, so we started our research. The story starts in the 5th century B.C., when the Persians invaded Greece, landing at Marathon, a small town about 26 miles from the city of Athens. The story that everyone is familiar with is that of Pheidippides, a helder who had to run from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory. 26 miles it’s a long way, but Pheidippides actually ran for two days, because before running to Athens to announce the victory, he had to first run from Athens to Sparta to gather Spartan troops to help the Athenians in combat against the Persians. Basically, our Greek hero run an ultra-marathon of about 150 miles.

After telling you this story, we also have a recommendation for you or a challenge, if you want some extra motivation. At the end of September of every year, in Greece, there is a historic super marathon called – Spartathlon. It is one of the most difficult long-distance races in the world and, at the same time, of great interest due to its historical background. If you want to revive the footsteps of Pheidippides, look into this extraordinary opportunity.

Photo credits: Iezer Papusa Trail Race.