HR training: Job utilization

This training is dedicated to HR professionals and business managers who:

  • want to objectively evaluate the workload of each job;
  • want to identify which activities bring value and which can be improved;
  • are in a position of restructuring their workplace and want to identify critical jobs for the future.

It doesn't matter if you work in a service or a production company, this training will guide you through its 4 modules:

Module #1 | 10 November, 09.30

  • You will learn to correctly establish the inventory of the critical activities for any position;
  • You will conduct objective interviews with your colleagues to identify their activities and their relevance for their positions.

Module #2 | 17 November, 09.30

  • You will identify the actual degree of usage for each job;
  • You will identify the desired degree of usage for each position and generate a new way of working.

Module #3 | 24 November, 09.30

  • You will identify activities that can be removed from the overloaded jobs using alternatives already available within the company;
  • You will generate savings for each job for which you calculate the degree of loading/ job utilization.

Module #4 | 8 December, 09.30

  • You will identify the relevant capabilities of each position and thus you can develop a catalog of competencies required for the training plan at a company level;
  • You will update the job descriptions based on this exercise.

What do you get from participating in this course?

  • An experience that focuses on exercises during the 2 hours dedicated to each module;
  • Immediate transfer in practice through the up-to-date topics;
  • A saving brought to the business of at least € 1000/ year for the least complex position in the organization. As the complexity of the job increases, so does the amount of savings.
  • A diploma certifying the competence to evaluate the job utilization degree in your company.

How much does this training cost?

  • All 4 modules cost € 500, which is the initial investment that you can actually recover by generating savings within your company through a proper job utilization analysis. For the second confirmed place, we offer a 50% discount.
  • 2 hours of your time for each workshop.
  • Another 2 hours after each module to debate the case studies you will have to work on.

This course will be held in Romanian. All the modules will be organized online via Microsoft Teams. There will be a maximum of 15 participants to ensure a high level of interactivity. Completion of the course involves participating in all 4 modules.

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