Webinar – Important changes brought to the Fiscal Code. What is the impact on taxpayers?

2022 has brought several changes in the legislation, from ANAF's digitalisation with RO e-invoice and RO e-transport, to the publication of O.G. no. 16/2022 which significantly changed the Fiscal Code.

Since the entry into force of the RO e-Invoice and RO e-Transport systems, ANAF has issued new clarifications and several updates concerning the obligations deadlines. During the webinar, we will address the main changes and concerns, so you will be prepared for the changes coming on the 1st of January 2023. 

Moreover, with the publication of the O.G. no. 16/2022 in July 2022, a series of new regulations concerning the micro-enterprise regime, the deductions for taxation of wages, the social contributions & part-time wages, as well as the indirect taxes and local taxes have been introduced. 

The webinar was held in Romanian. If you missed it, please see below the recording.

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