Webinar: Tax inspections and reporting obligations

Preparing for a tax inspection is about identifying and monitoring risks in advance. The year 2023 has come with more and more effective tax inspections targeted at specific risk areas as a result of the digitalisation of the tax administration.

In the context of the pressing need to increase budget revenues to offset exceptional expenses generated by the current economic situation and identify potential concerns of profit shifting from one jurisdiction to another, tax administrations have launched a significant number of tax audits worldwide. Thus, in recent years, tax inspections carried out in Romania, which have targeted direct taxes and, in particular, transfer pricing, have also become increasingly numerous, and 2022 has brought an increase in this regard, but also a shorter timeframe for their conduct.

To support taxpayers, we organised a webinar dedicated to the significant changes in how tax audits are carried out and their implications for businesses.

Watch the recording


  • The tax inspections management regarding corporate tax, transfer pricing and VAT;
  • CbcR public reporting;
  • Advance Pricing Agreement and Amicable Procedure;
  • Conclusions;
  • Q&A.


  • Liviu Gheorghiu, Director, Tax 
  • Mihaela Hampu, Senior Manager, Tax
  • Cristian Botezatu, Senior Manager, Tax
  • Adrian Mutea, Manager, Tax
  • Alina Ghiță, Manager, Tax
  • Gabriela Roman, Assistant Manager, Tax 

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