Business Continuity and Resilience Measures Through COVID 19

As the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus around the world continues, Romania too is facing maybe one of the strongest challenges of the country so far. The Romanian authorities, as well as businesses all over the region, are taking measures to ensure that everyone is protected. From suspending business travels to work from home procedures being put in place, the continuity planning of businesses has begun.


Ensure that there is awareness of business-critical processes, people, skills and minimum staffing arrangements. This is done normally by consulting your existing Business Impact Analysis however, in the absence of this you may consider the checklist below.

  • Set up an Internal Crisis Committee for specific communication messages regarding Covid-19;
  • Establish key persons for each business line and keep up a close communication with them;
  • Update your internal policies on quarantine and assist employees with health concerns;
  • Ensure that you have up to date employee contact details (work and home contact information, next of kin);
  • Ensure all employees have been informed on the company’s key contacts for assistance (e.g. internal crisis committee). Keep them informed and engaged in the communication during the whole period;
  • Make an up-to-date backup for important data, keep this copy outside the company's premises.

If you cannot work from home and you still have employees working from the office, you may consider the following:

  • Ensure the workplace has adequate supplies of cleaning and hygiene products in accessible visible locations with signages as required;
  • Reduce activities involving large groups of people (events, meetings, social gatherings) or convert them into webinars.

If you are working remotely, you may consider the following:

  • Make sure the access control and alarm system are working properly. Verify that you have remote secure access to video cameras for the security system;
  • Use collaborative solutions for call/ video conferences. Promote the tools that enable the company to do that. Many providers now offer an extended trial period with full functionalities or even full access during this period;
  • Ensure that data protection compliance remains front of mind, especially in the context  of working from home.
    • You should consider using VPN solutions;
    • Do not compromise on data security if you intend to use share-file services, choose only solutions that allow authentication for access to documents and keep confidentiality of your data;
    • Notify any suspicious event to your IT department, sometimes your computer is not protected by security incidents as it is in the office network.
  • Stay in contact with your customers. Redirect landline numbers to mobile for important services (sales, orders, reception desk etc.);
  • Update staff on recent developments and try to promote only information from official sources;
  • Help each other. Share best practices with other businesses in your community.