EU SURE Initiative

Call for leaders - What is your readiness score to benefit from the EU SURE Initiative?

The SURE initiative - Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency is a powerful financial tool that allows State Members to access loans at beneficial rates, through short-time work (STW) schemes or similar measures. This initiative was presented by the European Commission on April 2nd in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and it was approved as well by the Romanian Government.

Short-time work schemes, known as „kurzarbeit”, under the German model program provides an economic aid for temporary reductions in the number of hours worked in companies affected by temporary collapse. This allows employers who experience temporary drops in demand or production to reduce their employees’ hours instead of laying them off. Companies receive from the Government an aid proportional to the reduction in hours. Thus, deteriorating work skills are mitigated, firing and future hiring costs are reduced, networks are kept alive, and the business continues.
The SURE tool is part of a daring emergency initiative created by the European Commission and its size and concept of breaking new grounds show that the economic and social crises are the same and that new ideas are needed within the EU.

Mazars has created a survey that aims to capture the feedback of the Romanian business environment around the EU SURE initiative. Join them in finding out what our country’s business scenery looks like, under the COVID-19 impact, by completing the survey.

A report of the survey will be shared with all participants. 

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