Mazars organizes the webinar: Business toolkit for COVID-19 crisis

As there are challenging times ahead of us, it’s very important to build up stronger relationships within our business community. We understand that news is coming in fast as the circumstances around COVID-19 are changing and we are trying to support everyone that is going through a confusing period.

Please join us for our „Business toolkit for COVID-19 crisis” webinar this Thursday, April 2nd, at 10:00 am, where we will discuss the best ways to combat the impact of COVID-19 in businesses.

Topics of the webinar:

  • Social, financial and tax aid measures for companies and individuals – a look at the regulatory framework and practical aspects
  • Fiscal changes and how to be prepared for them
  • The employer role in this period
  • State aid package - Support for parents and other persons

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This webinar is powered by Petroleum Club of Romania and the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce -  NRCC.


business continuity resilience measures covid-19

Business Continuity Measures - COVID 19

As the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus around the world continues, Romania too is facing maybe one of the strongest challenges of the country so far. The Romanian authorities, as well as businesses all over the region, are taking measures to ensure that everyone is protected. From suspending business travels to work from home procedures being put in place, the continuity planning of businesses has begun.