Transparency report 2009/2010 - Mazars in Romania

Mazars in Romania, a leading international, integrated and independent organisation specialised in audit, accounting, tax and legal advisory services, is pleased to present its Transparency Report as of 31 August 2010.

Mazars Group has been a pioneer of transparency: the first group annual report was published in 2005, which included the Group’s consolidated accounts, prepared under IFRS and jointly audited.

We remain the only global audit and advisory services Group to submit ourselves to this demanding exercise in transparency and to publish our accounts under the same conditions as those of our listed clients.

In the unprecedented economic period that was 2009/2010, Mazars’ integrated partnership has continued to progress on the five continents on which it operates and has reported growth in turnover of 14.3%, at constant exchange rates, bringing its total turnover to €884.4 million.