Application for State Aid Schemes

Mazars has extensive experience in advising private and public sector organisations on applying for various financing schemes, with a particular focus on accessing the State Aid schemes.

We have been assisting small and large businesses for obtaining financing support since 2010. Clients from our portfolio in this specialized service have successfully obtained approval for State Aid financing, for projects with a total value of 100 million Euro, so far.

At Group level, we have built a sound expertise in the area of State Aid and European financing. Mazars has several large framework contracts across Europe to provide support for the European Commission and European Investment Bank and have provided audit support directly to the European Commission’s own audit teams which has helped us to gain a unique insight into their interpretation of the regulations.

State Aid scheme to support investments of Romanian SME's (HG 937/2016)

  • This scheme is financed by national Romanian funds and administered by the Ministry of Economy;
  • Total value: 900 millions RON, i.e. the equivalent of approximately 200 millions Euro;
  • Scheme duration:  2017-2020, with possibility of supplementation.

Intensity and level of the State Aid:

  Maximum level of State Aid Maximum percentage for Micro- and Small companies Maximum percentage for Medium sized companies
Bucharest - 2017 1,1 million EUR 35% 25%
Bucharest - 2018-2020 1,1 million EUR 30% 20%
Ilfov Region 1,1 million EUR 35% 25%
West Region 1,1 million EUR 40% 30%
North-West, Center, North-East, South, South-West, Oltenia Region 1,1 million EUR 70% 60%

How we can help you

We assist and advise private businesses, large companies or entrepreneurs, interested to access State Aid schemes for their development projects. We provide support in the process of applying for financing, putting systems in place to ensure full compliance with the conditions and regulations and providing business plans, financial models and technical studies in the projects’ claims for funding. 

Mazars provides clients with eligibility analysis, at an early stage of their projects, advises them on compliance matters and ensures that any potential aspects which could lead to funds reclaiming are avoided. In addition, we advise beneficiaries on due diligence and audit projects. 

We have experience with applications for clients from various industries, including manufacturing and IT services (sector with the largest financing accessed in Romania so far). Our dedicated team specialized in State Aid schemes works closely with the companies to prepare applications which have the best chance of being successful. 

Our support

  • General information regarding the Romanian legislation on State Aid Scheme;
  • Support in preparing the documentation required;
  • Review of documents with a view to establishing eligibility for State Aid;
  • Preparation of the technical and economic study;
  • Drawing up of the investment plan;
  • Preparation of periodical reports on potential amendments to the initial investment plan.
  • Assistance throughout the implementation of the State Aid Scheme in preparing the documentation and ensuring the correctness of such implementation.