Advisory Services

We are your trusted advisor to help you monitor your business performance and risks under a challenging competitive environment.

Thanks to extensive experience obtained when providing consultation in several areas, sectors and countries, Mazars Romania can provide to its clients complete and global services that they currently demand.

Governance & Risk Management

Facilitate risk identification and quantification within your business through:

     ♦ Designing and implementing operational risk management framework and policies.

     ♦ Evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process.

     ♦ Providing risk management training.

     ♦ Set-up the risk mapping of your business.

Internal Audit & Internal Control

Strenghten internal control environment through:

     ♦ Outsourcing of internal audit and internal control functions.

     ♦ Assessment of the consistency between internal audit, internal control and compliance functions for an optimal control environment.

     ♦ Advice on the design and efficiency of your corporate governance and internal controls (including fraud detection and prevention).

     ♦ Guidance and advice for implementing best practice.

Forensic Investigation Services

Investigation of financial misconduct and fraud support through:

     ♦ Investigations in relation to a variety of different financial matters.

     ♦ Transaction analysis.

     ♦ Investigating financial records in detail.

     ♦ Detection of financial frauds and abuses.

     ♦ Assistance in commercial litigations as financial experts.

Performance Management

Improving your performance through:

     ♦ Design and implementation of financial controlling systems.

     ♦ Optimization of management reporting.

     ♦ Key Performance Indicators development.

     ♦ Design and implementation of the investment and procurement controlling.

     ♦ Working Capital management.