IT Advisory

The increasing presence of IT in business processes can be a significant efficiency-boosting factor and can considerably enhance the organisation’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives and accomplish its mission. However, new developments, implementations and maintenance pose considerable challenges, not to mention the proliferation of security threats and the significant risks related to the operation of the systems.

We are able to support you in the management of technology through:

 ♦ Analysis of IT security risks (data, security issues, operational and accounting systems)

 ♦ Development and implementation of adequate IT policies, procedures and governance

 ♦ Employee trainings

 ♦ Cyber Security

  • Establishing and evaluating the Governance framework for Cyber Security
  • Execution of internal penetration testing
  • Execution of external penetration testing
  • Social Engineering exercises

 ♦ Quality assessment of IT projects

 ♦ Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Plan development
  • Testing procedures

 ♦ Project management in IT

 ♦ IT internal audit co-sourcing and outsourcing

 ♦ Security and privacy

As part of the compliance process with GDPR (EU REGULATION 2016/679) organizations should implement a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures for ensuring the security of the processing. Mazars team can help you with

  • Planning and advising internal audit team to evaluate these measure
  • Audit the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures