Transactions Advisory Services

Optimize value creation and minimize risks.
We offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of your projects. We believe that regular interaction with your team throughout the process is key to allow you to make better decisions while deadlines get closer.

Acquisition Process (Buy-side due diligence)

We perform buy-side financial due diligence work for investors interested in local targets, for both share deals and asset deals. We can support our clients with the following:

       ♦ Decision of acquiring of a new business at a correct price.

       ♦ Analyze financial flows and position on the potential investment targets for determining the correct profitability of the businesses.

       ♦ Identify non-recurring financial elements that impact the financial performance and perform normalization of the working capital (WC), equity, EBITDA and other relevant financial indicators.

       ♦ Identify significant financial and operational risks that affects your investment decision and price of the transaction.

       ♦ Negotiations of the financial terms of the acquisition contract.

Develop your business

Preparation of merger / spin-off projects and support during the business integration process are also part of the services we are offering to our customers. We can assist you with:

       ♦ The process of merger/spin-offs of your business.

       ♦ Post merger business integration.

       ♦ Initial Public Offering (IPO) process

Disposal process (Sell-side due diligence)

      ♦ Work with you to identify potential buyers for all or part of your businesses.

      ♦ Assist you in all the stages of the selling process.

      ♦ Limit the impact of the selling process on your teams and current business.

      ♦ Maximizing value creation in communicating to potential buyers relevant and objective information that meet their expectations.