HR advisory services

With the right people and processes in place, your business can not only over perform the competitors but can deliver the strategy for its future.
We strongly believe that any business is made by its employees. That’s why we decided to offer services to our clients in order to attract and employ the right people for them, utilize or develop properly their talents, reward or retain the high performers, manage properly and in advance the people's risks.

Mazars group provides a customized Human Capital consulting services which covers the life cycle of an employees’ experience with you.  We consult on reward, benefit, engagement, communication, brand concepts, process improvement and employee proposition strategies. But first, we start to listen to your needs and then we offer you a holistic and integrated approach that covers the services below.

Is your people strategy created to serve the business strategy?

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Talent management

We are living in a very challenging period of time where we can see more opportunities in different markets than candidates that are willing to accept it. This way, the employers have to develop a very transparent and differentiating strategy to attract the people that fit their journey. And the challenges for the employers don’t stop at the hiring moment; employees remain if they find the healthy people management practices that help them to grow as they wish.

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HR transformation

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We are able to assist our clients in all types of HR developmental phases: from the set-up of an HR team, through the implementation of HR instruments, to HR issues generated by reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions projects. We can also fulfill an interim HR function on your behalf in certain cities in our country.

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Outsourced HR services

We also can offer by request specialized outsourced HR services to the businesses, tailored on your needs:

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Due Diligence assistance

Is your business involved into a Due Diligence project? Do you take into consideration the risks associated to the people while you explore the business development?
Are you aware of the risk to loose the talents during an uncertain process and period?

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Governance and compliance

Today, people have a more increasing interest in the way the employers pay attention to global and local governance and compliance, environment, human rights, long term sustainability of their business and impact in the society. To run businesses without having a set of principles that guide the behavior of the whole company is creating a visible employer branding disadvantage in front of future employees.

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