HR transformation

We are able to assist our clients in all types of HR developmental phases: from the set-up of an HR team, through the implementation of HR instruments, to HR issues generated by reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions projects. We can also fulfill an interim HR function on your behalf in certain cities in our country.

We can help you to:

  1. Design the HR operating model that serve the best your business goals
  2. Oversee/ lead the technology implementation that simplifies the ways of working. We can help you with the implementation of talent management systems (customization, roll-out, training, capacity building) that covers:
    • talent acquisition/ recruitment cycle  
    • performance management
    • training program
    • and career development system
  3. Identify the people-related risks while analysing the opportunity of reorganising, merging & acquiring new business in order to not risk losing your key people. As an owner of a new business, you will be acquiring employees and you will need to know target company data to identify key HR-related financial exposures in a due diligence context, including those related to compensation and benefits plans.  
  4. Implement the transformation and change management plan after the business transformation decision was made (post-merger/ acquisition/ transformation decision). We can ensure smooth integration of mergers and acquisitions into the organization, providing valuable insight on the integration of HR processes and practices, including but not limited to organizational design, compensation and benefits.

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