Part of the multidisciplinary approach of the Mazars office in Romania, tax advisory team follows the main values within our organization: integrity, responsibility, respect for individuals, cultural diversity, independence, continuity. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients and to serve them with the highest level of professionalism, seeking to achieve excellence in our field of expertise.

Our international and local clients benefiting from this type of services receive highest care from the professionals involved in the projects. Further, we are providing a personalised, flexible and tailored approach, supported by the capabilities of a major international professional services firm.

Corporate Income Tax and Local Taxes

The Romanian tax legislation is under continuous modification, and consequently, it can be challenging for companies to monitor the respective changes and effectively implement them. This is where our role as tax advisors comes in: to monitor legislative changes, bring them to your attention (while considering their relevance to your specific business), and assist you in adequately implementing them.

Transaction Support

As the complexity of corporate transactions grows, and the amendments to the tax legislation increase as well as the tax authorities’ approach changes, investors have to react fast in the current dynamic business environment.

Transfer Pricing

Mazars team can provide assistance in all areas related to transfer pricing. We have a large experience regarding the transfer pricing legislation in Romania and, over time, we provided support on this matter to an important number of companies and groups.

Indirect Taxation

Value added taxes, excise and custom duties can count up to a third of a company’s annual turnover. Hence, indirect taxes can have a significant impact on a company’s cash flow if they are not forecasted and managed properly. Indirect taxes raise significant risks to all kinds of businesses and, therefore, they require special focus and management.

Personal Income Tax and Global Mobility Services

Mazars Global Mobility Services have a long history. For many years we have been building a worldwide group of international advisers, specializing in advising expatriates and, employers and on the international mobility of their employees.

Tax Compliance

In order to help businesses and their management on focusing on their core business and on gaining their competitive edge in the markets where they operate, Mazars provides extensive tax compliance for Romanian purposes.