Personal Income Tax and Global Mobility Services

Mazars Global Mobility Services have a long history. For many years we have been building a worldwide group of international advisers, specializing in advising expatriates and, employers and on the international mobility of their employees.

Our services include both Romanian and foreign (through our extensive network) tax compliance and optimization, including global mobility policy advice and the management of the global mobility process, international payroll services, administration of social security contributions, planning for stock option plans, immigration services.

Personal Income Tax

  • Consultancy / Advisory;
  • Preparation and filing of the arrival/departure tax questionnaires;
  • Assistance with obtaining confirmation of taxes paid issued by the Romanian tax authorities;
  • Assistance with obtaining tax residency certificates from the Romanian tax authorities;
  • Assessment and assistance for the implementation of personal income tax exemptions (for software development, respectively for Research & Development activities);
  • Assistance with the preparation of requests for clarifications/binding rulings and follow up with the Romanian tax authorities.

Social Security Area

  • Consultancy / Advisory;
  • Assistance with obtaining A1 certificates;
  • Social Security registration of the individual or company in Romania.


  • Preparation of monthly Romanian tax returns for personal income tax and social security contributions;
  • Preparation of annual tax returns;
  • Assistance for taxpayers in discussions with the tax authorities during tax proceedings;
  • Notifications to labor and tax authorities;
  • Registration for tax purposes.


  • Assistance with the preparation of fillings with the immigration authorities;
  • Assistance during discussions with the immigration authorities for obtaining the relevant documents for individuals in order to stay and perform activities in Romania.

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