Governance and compliance

Today, people have a more increasing interest in the way the employers pay attention to global and local governance and compliance, environment, human rights, long term sustainability of their business and impact in the society. To run businesses without having a set of principles that guide the behavior of the whole company is creating a visible employer branding disadvantage in front of future employees.

Our specialists advise you about how to set up a governance system, allowing your organisation to ensure the right set-up and your employees to remain continuously focused on what they have to deliver.

     1. HR scorecard

As a business owner, you are interested in having the right scorecard system in place to monitor the sales and the cost that balance the profit you are looking for. The biggest cost of any company is belonging to the employees. We help you run a people health audit and we council you on establishing the right HR KPIs for your business scorecard. With the right investment in your employees, you will get the results you aim for.

     2. HR performance reviews

We help you implement a performance system that produces values and reduces the time and effort of your organisation at a minimum.  

Nowadays, the employees claim to see the purpose of what they are doing, to see the value that their work is adding to the business. And, no matter the generation they belong to, they feel engaged when their efforts are rewarded accordingly. The old performance system costs an average of 2 days’ time per employee. In a period when everywhere you see agility as the main focus, your performance system should reflect the same agile thinking.  

     3. HR processes and policies

Any company that steps up the start-up phase and becomes bigger than 100 employees, starts a new development phase where the employer has to offer transparency, equal treatment and the same people practice to all its employees. With the right terms and conditions of employment in place, the employer ensures the right level of motivation of its employees.

We help you document these terms and conditions, develop the right set of policies and procedures that ensure also that the employees are aligned to the company vision, mission and values and the compliance to the local and global legislation.  

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