HR Transformation

We are able to assist our clients in all types of HR developmental phases: from the set-up of an HR team, through the implementation of HR instruments, to HR issues generated by reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions projects. We can also fulfill an interim HR function on your behalf in certain cities in our country.

Our consultants can support you to: 

  1. HR audit (compliance, best practices)
  2. Oversee the design & implementation of the HR team operating model.
  3. Review/design the employee handbook, HR policies and procedures.
  4. Oversee/lead the technology implementation (customization, roll-out, training, capacity building) that covers:
    • Talent acquisition/recruitment cycle;
    • Performance management;
    • Training path;
    • Career development;
    • Compensation & benefits.
  5. Implement the relevant HR metric/scorecard.

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