HR Optimizer - helping HR teams position themselves as value creators within their companies

Human-resources leaders all over the world have witnessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their strategy and action plans, with the current crisis underscoring the urgency for a more dynamic talent and work model. In the last year and a half, many challenges have appeared in the field of HR, such as remote hiring, re-imagining the recruitment process, employee retention, keeping the workforce engaged remotely, and many others.

Mazars Romania launches a new platform, HR Optimizer, that can help business leaders and HR Directors/ Professionals discover the level of maturity of their HR practice for further development required to support business growth.

Business leaders need to recognise that, as we move toward imagining a post-pandemic era, a management strategy based on old rules will no longer be effective. Instead, a model that is more flexible and responsive has to be implemented.

Our HR Optimizer platform provides qualitative and quantitative insights into where your organisation stands and what you need to do to develop full predictive capabilities, as follows.

  • Governance and compliance

With the help of our platform, your HR teams will learn to identify what financial and internal practices need to be optimised, such as recordkeeping, administration, and payroll, employee relations policies and conditions of employment, the employment equity, the skills development facilitation, or tax incentives, together with their risk assessment.

  • Talent management

The HR Optimizer will analyse the HR processes to attract, develop, motivate and retain high-performing employees. During this stage, we will touch on all key HR areas, from hiring to employee onboarding and reward system, and from performance management to retention or the exit management process. We will also analyse your HR strategy, organisation structure and role as well as your company’s learning and development programs.

  • HR service delivery and measurement

In most areas of business these days, results are everything, therefore, we believe that it’s vital to put some measures in place to help track the efficiency of your HR service delivery. In this area, our platform will go over your current service delivery and operating model as well as the technology you use (HR portals, analytical dashboards, surveys, employee assessment software).

  • Organization development

Within this stage, the HR Optimizer will analyse the importance of your business strategy together with the vision, mission, and values as well as the impact on the organisational culture and the employee wellness, in order to define the improvement plan.

Is your business future-ready? Reach out to us and we will explain you the entire process, so that you can achieve the goals that you have set.