Corporate Finance & IT Resilience

Our consultants can support you with:

  1. Cash Flow Management Advisory
    • Supporting your clients’ short-term strategic business planning;
    • Understanding cash requirements by focus immediately on the short-term cash-flow forecast and identify the flexibility of your financial sources: extend payables by taking longer to pay the suppliers or manage and expedite receivables;
    • Considering alternate supply chain financing options (factoring, discounting solutions).
  2. Independent Business Reviews
    • Preparing an independent assessment of your business and its cash flows, similar to a simplified due diligence report, which can be provided to third party stakeholders such as investors or financial institutions for increased confidence and additional financing.
  3. Financial Modelling Advisory
    • Preparing integrated short-term related financial forecasts to support immediate investment/ funding decisions;
    • Enhancing your current business forecasts to incorporate sensitivity analysis.
  4. Debt Advisory
    • Assessing the needed Working Capital and the sources of short-term financing, including new Government schemes;
    • Reviewing current debt structure to decide whereas renegotiating of current facilities to provide an alternative repayment structure to free up cash in the short term or drawing additional working capital/ investment facilities guaranteed by the State;
    • Assessing the contingency plans about the levels of cost reduction and cash conversion or assets, which could be undertaken quickly.
  5. IT Resilience
    • Aligning your IT resilience with new business requirements by focusing on remote working and digital strategy;
    • Reviewing the current IT Architecture and the IT Disaster Recovery Plans to prepare them for the future direction of the business.
  6. Process Transformation & Optimization  
    • Using RPA for process optimization and redesign to decrease the pressure on your employees;
    • Setting up the “digital workforce” (robots);
    • Supporting your organization with process mining tools to complete the process puzzle and gain a broader view over the steps needed to achieve business objectives and transform the current state of the company into a more performant and efficient one.