Turnaround & Tax Restructuring

Our consultants can support you with:

  1. Analyzing potential restructuring scenarios with an aim at optimizing inter-company flows and reducing the administrative burden of your organization;
  2. Considering a Vendor Due Diligence process for potential exit or restructuring opportunities;
  3. Performing an in-depth tax review of your company to identify:
    • Potential saving areas;
    • Potential tax risks that are of a going concern and ways of mitigating them; 
    • Voluntary disclosure concerning past tax issues and benefiting from the current tax amnesty;
  4. Preparing your organization for a potential tax audit;
  5. Analyzing your current and past tax liabilities with an aim at:
    • Recovering the late payment penalties and interest under the newly enacted tax amnesty;
    • Optimizing your company’s cash flow by correcting the taxpayer file;
  6. Analyzing your current outstanding tax liabilities and ways of implementing a payment deferral.