Corporate Taxation

Corporate Income Tax and Local Taxes

Corporate Income Tax
The Romanian tax legislation is under continuous modification, and consequently, it can be challenging for companies to monitor the respective changes and effectively implement them. This is where our role as tax advisors comes in: to monitor legislative changes, bring them to your attention (while considering their relevance to your specific business), and assist you in adequately implementing them.

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Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance Mazars
In order to help businesses and their management on focusing on their core business and on gaining their competitive edge in the markets where they operate, Mazars provides extensive tax compliance for Romanian purposes.

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Tax Registration in Romania

Tax registration in Romania
The first step in establishing your relationship with tax authorities is your registration with the competent tax authority, where from you obtain a tax number.

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Transaction Support

Transaction support Mazars
As the complexity of corporate transactions grows, and the amendments to the tax legislation increase as well as the tax authorities’ approach changes, investors have to react fast in the current dynamic business environment.

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