M&A tax

Assistance to make important transactions manageable in terms of tax risks taken and/or tax efficient in accordance with the applicable tax legislation.

M&A transactions are key moments in any company’s life, and also moments when years of tax governance and tax planning can be undone, especially when it comes to cross-border deals. Many deals are performed under time pressure, making immediate access to on the ground expertise vital.

Our approach

When you are considering an acquisition, a merger, or other types of corporate restructuring, it is important to assess the tax impact and requirements. You want your transaction to be as efficient as possible, commercially, financially, and tax wise. 

Tax is an important part of our global, multidisciplinary M&A service that brings in advisory, valuation, due diligence, and integration consulting. Our understanding of the full transaction lifecycle helps us deliver key tax advice at the speed needed so that opportunities are seized, and the best prices are obtained. 

A major part of our business worldwide and in Romania is to provide sellers and buyers with transaction advisory services for the acquisition of undertakings and assets in general. Our Merger & Acquisitions services are based on our concept of multidisciplinary, integrated advice in all our areas of practice. Thus, our tax experts, working in close cooperation with our financial and legal advisers, can help you achieve an optimal solution for your business, providing you with efficient deal structuring in all respects throughout the deal cycle.

Our services 

Our M&A services cover the following: 

  • Group structuring and assistance in structure implementation.
  • Tax efficient acquisition solutions and deal structuring, including tax due diligence and identifying and quantifying the associated tax risks, including the ones triggered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Preparation and/or reviewing merger and spin-off projects, as well as providing tax efficient solutions with respect to liquidations and optimisation of the exit strategy;
  • Support during post-deal implementation and (re)structuring;
  • Direct advice on transaction structure; 
  • Tax risk assessment; 
  • Strategic advice on tax for holding companies and other new corporate structures; 
  • Advice on deal finance solutions; 
  • Advice on post-acquisition structuring.

Our people  

Our professionals, backed by our financial and legal advisers, can provide you with specialised advice and with an overview that aims to structure your business decision accordingly.

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