Organizational Design & Development

We are living in a very challenging period of time where we can see more opportunities in different markets than candidates that are willing to accept it. This way, the employers have to develop a very transparent and differentiating strategy to attract the people that fit their journey. And the challenges for the employers don’t stop at the hiring moment; employees remain if they find the healthy people management practices that help them to grow as they wish.

We help you to define your HR strategy first, in order to allow your people to serve the business strategy today and to be prepared for tomorrow's business.

Our consultants can support you to:

  1. Review/Design the organization structures:
    • Delivering clear roles within the teams and interfaces;
    • Eliminating the duplicated skills and activities across functions;
    • Designing the competency framework and role profiling customized on your business model.
  2. Workforce planning.
  3. Implementing a customized performance management culture.
  4. Review/Design the remuneration system looking to the job descriptions, performance system, salary surveys.

With this type of projects, our clients are better prepared for the market competitiveness and future.

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