Companies thrive when their people, processes and tools are all aligned behind shared objectives

At Mazars, we help leaders across the business – from top management through to finance, risk, IT and HR – to achieve alignment and deliver peak performance through collaboration, thoughtful advice and up-to-date technical and digital expertise.

How we can help

Risk consulting

Technology & digital consulting

Our approach

At Mazars in Romania, we understand that people are the cornerstone of successful transformation. We leverage our technical expertise, agility, and the latest technology, coupled with a deep understanding of your unique needs, context, and culture, to co-create solutions that deliver the results you desire. This people-centric approach sets us apart, making us a trusted partner in driving successful change.

Our team of seasoned consultants operates as a unified, global force across various geographies and sectors. By integrating our worldwide expertise with a deep local understanding, we offer strategic support, guiding you from planning to implementation, regardless of the market you operate in. This unique blend of global and local insights makes us a go-to solution for businesses seeking to thrive in diverse markets.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including management consulting, risk management, technology consulting, and digital consulting. Our offerings span from change management and post-merger integration to internal audit and enterprise solution design. For instance, our risk consultants excel in designing and implementing processes that ensure sustained compliance with new business regulations. On the other hand, our technology and management consultants are adept at deploying state-of-the-art process automation tools to revamp critical business processes and boost efficiency.

No matter the challenge, our team is committed to finding the solution that best aligns with your business needs. By syncing your people and organization with the right processes and technology, we enhance performance, mitigate risk, and ultimately bolster your confidence in your business's performance. Partner with us and experience the Mazars in Romania's difference in driving successful business transformation.

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