Year-end closing event 2023: accounting and tax matters of interest for companies

Tips and recommendations for a seamless 2023 financial year-end.


Our experts will guide you through key areas to ensure a successful year-end closure:

  • Main accounting matters to be considered at the closure of the financial year 2023;
  • Comprehensive understanding of profit tax calculations: adjustments, credits, reductions;
  • The impact of the income tax regime on micro-enterprises.
  • VAT adjustments: annual inventory, write-off, uncollected debts;
  • Free goods (sponsorship, protocol), trade discounts;
  • Identifying key areas that may trigger transfer pricing audits;
  • Voluntary year-end transfer pricing adjustments.

Moreover, we provided insights into non-financial reporting, acknowledging its significance as a pivotal strategic element for companies.

We invite you to watch the recording below.