Corporate secretarial

Easing the burden on your business so you can focus on your core.

Meeting regulatory, legal and entity governance obligations is an increasingly important and time-consuming task. Ensuring compliance is a priority for all companies, but it can put a strain on your resources. Our consultants can manage all your compliance milestones allow your team to focus on their core duties. 

Our approach  

Most companies work hard to comply with the legal and regulatory frameworks where they operate. But a shifting regime of rules and regulations can put a strain on in-house teams as they try to stay on top of new developments across other jurisdictions. 

Companies that are able to keep up with their statutory compliance obligations often benefit from improved performance and are able to better control procedures and processes in their business. Secretarial support can be critical to reducing risks and limiting exposure to the costs of compliance default, such as fines, prosecution, or director disqualifications.  

At Mazars, we take care of every aspect of your corporate secretarial requirements in every jurisdiction in which you operate. We take pride in the knowledge that by helping you stay compliant, we play a part in helping you flourish. The advice and support of our dedicated professionals will ensure you are able to meet and exceed your compliance obligations. 

Our services 

  • Business health check; 
  • Statistical reports;
  • Registration processes to different authorities; 
  • General meeting minutes;
  • Maintaining statutory registers; 
  • Assistance with the preparation and submission of Trade Registry documentation
  • Entity winding up process; 
  • Company secretary advisory. 

Secondment services

Companies face staff shortages in business-critical positions for many reasons. The talent pool in a given location may not be large enough, your company may be growing faster than it can bring on staff, or you may need to take on project-specific talent for a limited period of time. 

Our secondment services support your business needs when you need us most. We offer talented professionals across a wide range of outsourced functions, including accounting, human resources, payroll and corporate secretarial services. 

Our team members all share a singular commitment to providing you with the highest quality of cover when you are experiencing staff shortages. Each professional has the qualifications, career experience and personal attributes necessary to work in dynamic settings and rise to an array of challenges. Mazars prides itself on the quality and drive of its people, and we invest heavily in supporting our people become the expert practitioners and leaders they want to be. 

When you turn to Mazars for your team support, we will provide a tailored package to fit your needs and objectives. Our support mirrors many of our outsourced services, such as: 

  • Accounting and tax compliance assistance; 
  • Financial reporting; 
  • Human resources; 
  • Payroll; 
  • Project management. 

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