Bucharest Stock Exchange kicks off a new Made in Romania edition - program dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs

The Romanian entrepreneurs, partners and supporters, as well as employees of Romanian companies, can nominate until May 31, a company to be included in the Made in Romania program. Nominations can be submitted on www.investingromania.com, a platform that continues to offer 24/7 the possibility of directly connecting entrepreneurs with investors and consultants, as well as with other entrepreneurs.

The Made in Romania program is structured into four stages. In the first stage, between March 29 and May 31, the general audience, as well as the members of the Nomination Committee, can propose companies to be included in the Made in Romania program held this year.

Nominate a company

The Romanian companies that have at least 51% resident individuals/legal entities in the shareholding structure can be nominated in the program. Also, companies from all industries and of all sizes can be nominated with a minimum condition of 3 years of activity or a turnover of at least EUR 250,000 in the last reported year. A series of companies are not eligible to be nominated: the 2021, 2019 and 2018 Made in Romania finalist companies, the partner companies in the program or part of a group that is a partner in the current edition, as well as those that are in the process of listing shares or bonds on the exchange.

June is dedicated to the selection of the 50 semifinalist companies by the members of the Nomination Committee. In July, out of the 50 semifinalists, the public will decide by vote three of the 15 finalist companies of this edition. The other 12 finalists are established by a Jury of experts in various fields of economics.

The 15 finalists of this year's edition will be announced in September, during a Gala. Between October and November,  the Made in Romania partners will organize the mentoring program, in which the finalist and semifinalist companies will be able to participate, alongside with the companies nominated in the current edition or which are registered in the program platform.

The Made in Romania project was launched in 2017, to identify and promote the top companies in the country. In the previous 4 editions, almost 1,000 companies found out about the capital market through the Made in Romania program. Since the beginning of the program, 16 companies came on the exchange with shares or bonds, three of them even with both shares and bonds. These companies managed to attract from the capital market investors funds worth EUR 212mn.

Made in Romania lansare carte

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) also published the volume ‘Made in Romania: 15 companies for the growth of the Romanian economy and their success stories’. The book includes the success stories of the 15 finalist companies of the 2021 Made in Romania edition. During this year edition of the Made in Romania program, we continue to search the Romanian entrepreneurial companies that transform the economy and people's lives for a better future.  

You may read this year's edition here