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We are pleased to present our comprehensive guide, 'Doing Business in Romania'. This resource has been meticulously crafted to provide a detailed overview of the Romanian market, offering insights into the process of establishing a business, understanding the taxation system, labour laws, accounting regulations, and audit requirements.

Our guide delves into the reasons for doing business in Romania, providing detailed information on the Romanian economy and growth forecasts. When it comes to establishing a company, this document outlines the necessary steps, common types of companies, and the requirements for opening a branch or a subsidiary. This information is crucial for executives looking to expand their business footprint in Romania.

Grasp the fiscal responsibilities and opportunities in Romania

Understanding the taxation system is crucial for any business looking to operate effectively and compliantly within the Romanian market.

As such, we provide an extensive overview of the direct tax framework, including the microenterprise tax regime, corporate income tax and the tax regime for individuals, indirect tax & VAT, transfer pricing and detailed analysis of the regulations in relation to the digitalisation of the fiscal authorities.

Navigate the human resources aspect of doing business in Romania

Our publication also covers labour law, crucial in maintaining a compliant and harmonious workplace in Romania. 

We detail the taxes due by the employer and employee, the minimum wage in Romania and the economic conditions applicable to determine the salary of an employee, hiring procedures, legal requirements, and the employee handbook and collective bargaining agreements.

Accounting regulations and audit requirements - points to be considered

Finally, this edition provides a clear understanding of the accounting principles and standards that businesses must adhere to, including the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Romanian Accounting Standards (RAS).

The document also details the audit environment in Romania, outlining the types of companies that are subject to mandatory audit, the audit procedures, and the regulatory bodies overseeing the audit profession. This information is crucial for ensuring financial transparency and compliance, which are key to maintaining the trust of stakeholders and the success of your business in Romania.

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Whether you're planning to invest in Romania or already own a business here, our guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the Romanian business landscape with confidence. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the local business environment, legal requirements, and cultural nuances that can impact your business operations.

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