Webinar: Understanding Pillar 2 - what to expect and how to prepare?

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Watch the recording of our webinar addressing the challenges around Pillar 2 and how companies can prepare and plan in the best possible way, to thrive in the evolving tax landscape.

The Pillar 2 Global Anti-Base Erosion (GloBE) rules have been developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to provide a common system of taxation that ensures multinational enterprises (MNEs) pay a global minimum tax (GMT) of 15% in each jurisdiction where they operate and generate income.

Positioned as one of the pioneering countries in the OECD's initial agreement, Romania has adhered to the Pillar 2 principles. Demonstrating its commitment, Romania has undertaken the obligation to implement the UE Directive 2022/2523 to ensure a global minimum level of taxation for both multinational enterprise groups and large-scale domestic groups within the European Union, by the end of 2023.

Large multinational groups operating in Romania should proactively start analysing and evaluating the potential impact of Pillar 2 by simulating the calculation of the Effective Tax Rate (ETR).



Key topics:

  • Understanding Pillar 2 and its scope
  • Exploring the status of legislation in Romania
  • Navigating transitional rules and their implications as well as the link between the Country-by-Country report and Pillar 2
  • Unveiling Mazars’s IT tool for Pillar 2
  • Practical examples of how companies can prepare for the upcoming period


  • Liviu Gheorghiu, Tax Director, Mazars in Romania
  • Adrian Mutea, Tax Manager, Mazars in Romania
  • Christian Würschinger, Tax Partner, Mazars in Germany
  • Neil Rolfe, Partner, Head of Insurance Tax, Mazars in the UK

Dealing with GloBE requires an international approach that joins the dots between how parent entities and subsidiaries are impacted based on revenue and location. As an internationally integrated partnership, we have the ability to draw on the expertise of our professionals worldwide and collaborate closely with impacted clients