Webinar – EU Packaging and Packaging Waste taxes: another step towards a plastic-free world

The environmental and climate change that impacts countries worldwide has led to the adoption of several regulatory actions and initiatives. Businesses and governments need to collaborate in solving the climate crisis and integrate sustainability policies into their long-term strategies.

Part of these efforts is the regulation on packaging issued by the EU Commission, which aims to tackle a constantly growing waste source and promote reusable and refillable packaging solutions.

Watch the recording below to learn more about the legislative changes affecting the packaging industry. We discussed the background and obligations for the taxpayers, the annual recovery targets for packaging waste, as well as the main points of the regulation.


  • Background and obligations regarding packaging and packaging waste
  • New targets for recovery of packaging waste
  • New financial responsibilities concerning OIREP
  • Draft Regulation on packaging and packaging waste


  • Bianca Vlad, Tax Partner
  • Daniela Purcoi, Tax Assistant Manager

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